I passed my ORE 1 in August -15' in the first attempt. A month before an exam I attended a 1-day revision by Ebtisam and that completely changed my approach to the exam. I can say that Ebtisam was solely
 responsible for my success. She is an amazing teacher as well.
 After that, I was clueless about ORE 2 and went back to her for DTP. She didn't disappoint me but wrote out a planner to prepare for next 3 months. She is a very positive and encouraging person and I was overwhelmed by her patient explaining and logical reasoning. Further
discussions in her FB group was a great help.
 Also, need to thank her for introducing some wonderful souls who became friends through this ORE journey, that very much includes Ebtisam and Aya. 
Well I passed ORE 2 in the first attempt on Jan 16' with just 3 months preparation.