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The Diagnostic and Treatment Planning exercise (DTP) holds significant importance, taking place on day 3 of the exam and lasting a total of 55 minutes. This exercise entails engaging with a trained actor who will provide a detailed history (although not subjected to examination), accompanied by essential supplementary information such as photographs, radiographs, study models, or results of other specialized tests. It is essential to note that the exercise may encompass various aspects of clinical dentistry, encompassing the aforementioned elements.

Prior to your exam, it is imperative that you thoroughly acquaint yourself with the DTP guidance provided by the GDC. For detailed information, we encourage you to refer to the link below: [Link to DTP guidance:]

To enhance your preparation, we kindly request you to watch the GDC DTP video, which serves as a valuable resource in preparing for your exam: [Link to GDC DTP video:]

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