Introducing the EA Dental Comprehensive ORE2 Manikin: Your Ultimate Solution for Setting Up a Dental Practice Kit at Home!

Are you eager to hone your dental skills and set up a comprehensive manikin kit at home, but uncertain about where to begin? Look no further, as we present the EA Dental Comprehensive ORE2 Manikin – the perfect starting point for your journey into the world of dentistry!

What’s Included in this All-In-One Kit:

  • High-Quality Phantom Head: Crafted to replicate the real dental experience with precision.
  • Portable Dental Unit: The convenience of a fully functional dental unit in a portable form.
  • Original Frasaco Jaws: Ensuring authenticity and real-world practice scenarios.
  • Original Frasaco Teeth: With a total of 104 teeth, you’ll be ready for any dental procedure.
  • Original Frasaco Endo Teeth:  1 * Molar endodontic tooth,
  • Complete Hand Instruments: Equip yourself with a comprehensive set of instruments for precise dental work.
  • Restorative Kit: Master the art of restorative dentistry.
  • Endodontic Kit: Enhance your endodontic skills with confidence.
  • Crown and Bridge Kit: Elevate your crown and bridge techniques to perfection.

At EA Dental, we understand your aspirations and the need for a comprehensive training solution. Our Comprehensive ORE2 Manikin has been curated with your success in mind, leveraging materials used at the prestigious Eastman Dental University exam facility.