Frasaco AG3 Teeth


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Authentic Frasaco AG3 teeth

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Authentic Frasaco AG3 teeth


  • Ideally used with the Frasaco AG3 Jaws
  • Teeth numbers are at the base of each tooth; indicating their correct position in the jaws.


  • High quality, plastic, authentic Frasaco teeth
  • Identical to the teeth used in the ORE part 2 examination

Available as :

  • Single tooth
  • Packet of 10 teeth (kindly note it must be the same tooth) 


  • Single tooth: £2.10
  • Packet of 10 teeth : £20.00


Additional information

Weight 0.001 kg
Tooth Type

UR1 (Operative/ crown preps), UL1 (Operative/ crown preps), UR2 (Contact), UL2 (Contact), UR3 (Operative/ crown preps), UL3 (Operative/ crown preps), UR4 (Operative/ crown preps), UL4 (Operative/ crown preps), UR5 (Operative/ crown preps), UL5 (Operative/ crown preps), UR6 (Operative/ crown preps), UL6 (Operative/ crown preps), UR7 (Contact), UL7 (Contact), LL3 (contact), LR3 (contact), LL2 (contact), LR2 (contact), LL1 (contact), LR1 (contact), LR4 (Rest seat prep), LL4 ( Rest seat prep), LR5 (Rest seat prep), LL5 ( Rest seat prep), LR6 (Rest seat prep, Temporary crown, Impression), LL6 (Rest seat prep, Temporary crown, Impression)

Number of Teeth

Single tooth, Pack of 10

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