Are you planning to take your ORE / LDS exam in 2023? Has it been a long time since you last did any revision and are you worried about how much you may have forgotten?

Join us for a full day intensive OSCE’s revision session covering the latest dental guideline updates and how it will reflect in your exams

Join our comprehensive one day OSCE’s revision course and benefit from an in-depth discussion of recent dental guideline updates, one to one evaluation and intense practice of exam OSCE scenarios.

ORE 2 – Objective Structured Clinical Reasoning

This full one day course includes:

  • Written OSCE’s
  • Skilled OSCE’s
  • Actor OSCE’s

In a stimulated exam condition challenge yourself by completing:

70 OSCE’s

Study material will be provided.

Challenge yourself on timing, efficiency, and accuracy and we’ll be there to guide you all the way.

Course times: 8:30am – 5:30pm

1. Prepare the candidates for the OSCE’s component of the ORE2 examination.

2. Familiarise participants with the OSCE set-up, process, and content.

3.Help participants identify gaps in their skills and knowledge.

In-depth discussion of all exam relevant actor stations:

  1. Pain (history and management)
  2. Oral lesions (history and management)
  3. TMJ disorders (history and management)
  4. Periodontal disease (diagnosis and management)
  5. Paediatric dentistry (nursing caries/fluoride/fissure sealants)
  6. Dental traumatology
  7. Orthodontics (impacted canines/supernumerary teeth/removable appliances)

In-depth discussion of multiple skilled/written OSCE’s:

  1. Suturing
  2. IOPA arrangement
  3. Intramuscular injection
  4. Radiographic film holders
  5. Handwashing
  6. Denture analysis
  7. Splinting
  8. Rubber dam placement
  9. Surveying
  10. Partial denture design
  11. Dental charting
  12. Prescription writing
  13. Referral letters
  14. IOTN scoring
  15. X-Ray reporting
  16. Scope of practice
  17. Extraction positions
  18. Oral surgery instrumentation
  19. Dietary chart
  20. 6 point periodontal examination

Learning outcomes:

  1.  Cover a Total of 70 OSCE stations.
  2.  Gain confidence in performing essential skilled OSCE stations.
  3.  Gain confidence in handling challenging actor OSCE stations (management of angry patients, breaking bad news  and staff disciplinary procedures).
  4.  Discussion of recent updates in radiography, restorative and paediatric dentistry guidelines.
  5.  Gain basic skills in history taking and clinical examination.

Please note that upon attendance and successful completion of the course, a certificate stating 6 verifiable hours of CPD will be issued to the candidate.

*Courses are non-refundable.

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Dear colleagues, I would like to give my feedback about ME. It is very intensive and well-structured course.I highly recommend it to all my friends.

Inna Yarovikova

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