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If you are looking to increase your dental manikin skills in preparation for ORE2, why not join our ORE2 comprehensive Three days dental manikin course with study plan and daily online feedback support on social media WhatsApp.

ORE2 Dental Manikin Training
Three days comprehensive dental manikin course with daily online support until you pass your exam.

Who this course is for?
This course is for overseas qualified dentists who have already completed their ORE Part 1 examination and preparing for ORE2 practical examination.

What does the course include?
• Three full days of dental manikin teaching
• Lectures and demonstrations of each exercise intraorally
• Detailed course notes
• Continuous online support until you pass your exam
• Lunch and refreshments
• Study plan
• 24 hours verifiable CPD

Course venue:
• Frasaco dental manikin similar to the exam facility
• All provided dental instruments closely resembles the exam

Aims and objectives

The course will provide detailed lectures and practical hands-on training to allow participants to further develop their operative skills and knowledge to build their confidence in preparation for the ORE Part 2 Dental Manikin examination. Delegates will be under constant supervision of skilled staff who are on hand to answer questions, offer advice, and give individual demonstrations.

Learning outcomes

After attending this course, participants should be able to assess in which areas they need to improve and reinforce their practice at home before sitting the examination.

Quality controls

All participants are asked to partake in a mock exam and submit written feedback via a questionnaire at the end of the course, which is used to monitor the course’s teaching quality.

Day 1:

Morning session: 9 am to1 pm

Anterior PFM crown preparations:

  • Central incisor PFM
  • Canine PFM
  • Labial Venner

(GDC Consortium guidelines / Instruments and equipment/ Operator position/ Hands on practice)

Afternoon session: 2pm to 6 pm

Operative preparations:

  • Class I cavity preparation
  • Class I with palatal extension
  • Class III cavity preparation
  • Class V cavity preparation
  • Impression (Two and Single stage)

(GDC Consortium guidelines / Instruments and equipment/ Operator position/ Hands on practice)

DAY 2:

Morning session: 9 am to1 pm

Posterior crown preparations:

  • FGC
  • Premolar PFM

(GDC Consortium guidelines / Instruments and equipment/ Operator position/ Hands on practice)

Afternoon session: 2 pm to 6 pm

Operative preparations:

  • Class II (MO- DO- MOD)
  • Class IV + Composite build up
  • Temporary crown
  • Rest seat preparation
  • Amalgam filling

(GDC Consortium guidelines / Instruments and equipment/ Operator position/ Hands on practice)

Day 3:

Morning session: 9 am to1 pm


  • MOD Premolar
  • Class IV + Posterior cusp build up ( Premolar )

(GDC Consortium guidelines / Instruments and equipment/ Operator position/ Hands on practice)

Afternoon session: 2 pm to 6 pm

  • Rubber dam
  • Root canal treatment
  • Access opening
  • Class IV + Posterior cusp build up ( Molar )

(GDC Consortium guidelines / Instruments and equipment/ Operator position/ Hands on practice)

Dr Shahla Shokrollahi

Manikin Tutor DDS, BDS
Meet our exceptional General Dental Practitioner based in London, renowned for her expertise and special interest in restorative dentistry. She is an experienced manikin tutor with 2 years of ORE experience. She has successfully helped many overseas dentists complete their ORE journey. Her daily commitment and dedication in supporting ORE / LDS students is exceptional and she is a strong asset to our team.

Ahmed Alkhalily

Manikin Tutor MSC, PgCert, BDS
Dr Ahmed is a former clinical mentor at the specialised dental training center where he served as a former tutor and lecturer at this esteemed private dental academy in Iraq. His academic achievements include a 2020 certificate in Restorative dentistry from Edinburgh university and Masters in Conservative dentistry. He is extremely dedicate to supporting his ORE and LDS candidates daily to ensure a satisfactory and fruitful dental journey. He is a wonderful and a hard working member of our EA Dental family.

Dr John Nabil

Armed with the prestigious memberships of the faculty of general dental surgery and the faculty of dental practice he excel in the clinical execution of multiple dental procedures. Dr John completed is masters in fixed prosthodontics showcasing an elevated level of expertise in the field. He has been a dedicated member of our EA Dental Family with 2 years of experience mentoring ORE2 - LDS 3 exam candidates.

Dr Kunal

Manikin Tutor BDS
Armed with years of clinical dental experience in private and NHS dentistry in the UK Dr Kunnal brings a unique blend of expertise and qualifications. With a specialised focus on restorative dentistry , he boasts sever years of invaluable experience in general dental practice. He has 3 years
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3 Day ORE2 Dental Manikin Training
Average rating:  
 2 reviews
 by Shahzad Ahmad
Golden Manikin Tutor
Course / Session Attended: Comprehensive Manikin/ Osce,DTP,ME

I want to shout out LOUD,that i have been in ore's journey since 2019 and i have tried almost all the available courses for ore,no offense all are with goods and bads but guys trust me Dr shahla for manikin would open the new world of techniques and proper way to guide you to pass your manikin exam she is Magical and under the umbrella of Dr Ebtisam,the theory section would not be difficult at all ,as this exam is already affects you financially, psychologically and emotionally so to seek the peace of mind and success please go for EA academy instead of going to one end of UK and than other because they are not running a business but they are there to help the people in a right way and direction from heart.

 by Heera
Manikin Tutor Review
Course / Session Attended: Manikin 3 day comprehensive course

I have cleared my ORE part 2 last November 2023..I am writing this review to show my sincere thanks and gratitude to Dr John Nabil who was my Manikin tutor.He managed to show all the manikin preparation with great perfection and also showed me the best techniques to do the correct preparations accordingly to the GDC consortium.He even helped me accessed my preparation every single day, told me the corrections which helped me to clear my ORE part2 exam.I recommend him as a excellent tutor to all who needs help to improve the Manikin skill to pass this exam ...Thank you Dr John from bottom of my heart....