ORE Part 1 / LDS Part 1

Due to COVID19 this course is currently being delivered online until further notice.

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ORE 1 / LDS 1
Over 65 hours of online lectures spread over 7 weeks + 4 Online Mock exams

This 7-week intensive online revision course covers all aspects of the ORE/LDS Part 1 exam syllabus as outlined by the General Dental Council through in-depth interactive lectures and mock exams. This course covers basic science and clinical dental topics over online real time interactive lectures. This is the perfect course to prepare you for the theoretical knowledge required for Part 1 of the ORE/LDS exams.

We have helped hundreds of students pass this exam in their first attempt and are extremely confident that we can help you achieve the same results. Take a look at what some of our trainees had to say about us here.

Our instructors are professional dentists and specialist university lecturers with years of teaching experience  in the United Kingdom. For more information about our EA dental team click here.

Our ORE & LDS course is the only course which offers a detailed study schedule and  online daily support from the moment you sign up until you pass your ORE/LDS 1 examination.

Why book with us?

We have over nine  years of experience in teaching ORE (Overseas registration examination) and LDS (License of dental surgery) in the United Kingdom. We have successfully helped hundreds of students achieve their GDC registration and as a result they are currently practicing dentistry in the UK.

Our ORE and LDS courses offer an exam focused preparation covering the entire syllabus of both ORE/LDS part 1 examinations, using our course materials, detailed study plan, and online daily study group.

Who is the course suitable for?

1. Beginners, candidates who require a focused study plan and curriculum targeting exam topics.

2. ORE & LDS students who want a comprehensive revision crash course covering all exam topics.

Course details:

We offer guided support for our students BEFORE, DURING and AFTER attending their ORE/LDS course sessions to ensure they have everything they need to pass the exam.

Before your session:
Once you book the LDS/ORE course we will provide you with a detailed study plan and all course materials so you can commence your preparation as soon as possible.

During the session:
We cover all Paper A and Paper B topics in addition to a mock exam.

After the session:
By providing guided support and unlimited access to study sources and practice questions.

Week 1
9am – 1pmGeneral medicine
1pm – 2pmLunch Break
2pm – 4pmLA and sedation
4pm – 6pmOral surgery
9am – 1pmPeriodontology
Week 2
9am – 11amOral radiology
11am – 1pmInfection control
1pm – 2pmLunch Break
2pm – 6pmOral medicine
9am – 1pmPhysiology (human physiology + renal)
Week 3
9am – 10amPrevention
10am – 12pmPaediatric dentistry
12pm – 1pmQ&A
1pm – 2pmLunch Break
2pm – 4:30pmOral anatomy part 1
4:30pm – 5:30pmOral anatomy part 2
9am – 1pmOrthodontics
Week 4
9am – 10amCardio Physiology
10am – 11amRespiratory Physiology
11:00am – 11:30amBreak
11:30 am – 1pmPharmacology
1pm – 2pmLunch Break
2pm – 5pmLaw and ethics
9am – 1pmRestorative dentistry
Week 5
9am – 12pmOdontogenic pain
12pm – 1pmNHS Contract
1pm – 2pmLunch Break
2pm – 4pmOral histology
4pm – 5pmEmbryology
9am – 1pmDental materials
Week 6
9am – 12pmImmunology
9am – 11amEndodontics
11am – 1pmEvidence based dentistry &
Week 7
FridayLive stream on FB
10am – 1pmMock A- 3 hours exam
1pm – 3pmLunch Break
3pm – 6pmMock B- 3 hours exam
10am – 1pmMock C- 3 hours exam
1pm – 2pmLunch Break
3pm – 6pmMock D- 3 hours exam

Order of lectures are subject to tutor schedules and may change without prior notice.


65 CPD points are accredited after course completion

How to book:You can easily and conveniently book this course online.

If you prefer to speak to someone before you make your booking, please contact us here.

All our courses are very popular so please make your booking well in advance to avoid disappointment.

*courses are non-refundable


1.Oxford Handbook of Applied Dental Science
2.Oxford Handbook of Clinical Dentistry 6
3. Scully’s Medical Problems in Dentistry, 7th edition
4.Master Dentistry: Volume 1
5.Master Dentistry: Volume 2
6. Essentials of Dental Radiography and Radiology

A minimum number of 10 students is required for the course to run.


Hi all, I have recently attended ORE 1 course 2017 with EBTISAM, I really recommend this course because it will just put you on the right path and it will give you the right materials to study from, we covered in this course all of the basic science subjects, clinical subjects, and mock exams. it was very helpful and EBTISAM is a great teacher that not only help you during the course but she stays with you and answers your questions until the day of the exam. Thank you Ebtisam ElHamalawy.

Yasmin Kal Omar Al-mouslli‎

I recently attended ORE part 1 course 2017. The course was really comprehensive and covered the clinical scenario and physiology and non clinical subjects along with MCQ, that made it really fun to study and remember. I was struggling with lots of material available online and did not know what to study. Ebtisam El-Hamalawy is a really good teacher as she makes everything simple and straightforward which is easier to understand.  Thank you so much.

Swati Munjal Mehrotra

I attended the ORE 1 class with Ebtisam and I honestly say this is very amazing. Ebtisam is a very honest and amazing teacher who shall guide you like a lighthouse guiding a lost ship in the big
-big ocean of ORE! I would suggest this course to anyone who is planning to give Part 1. Thank you so much Ebtisam. Now hoping to give the best I can. God bless you.

D. Rana

Can not express how helpful Dr. Ebtisam is !! I think god has sent her to me so I can pass my exam. Thank you very much for all your support and help.


If you are lost and don’t know where to start this is the course to take. If you have already started and think you’re doing it wrong, this course is the place to be. And if you think you’ve read
everything and you still feel like you don’t remember anything. Take this course! That’s how much help I found this course. Good luck!