Limited offer for students enrolled on the 9 day ORE2 comprehensive courses!

1. £200 off when booking both comprehensive manikin and theory courses 2. Free reattendance to repeat the 5 day theory course either In-person or online

This course is a step by step guide towards your ORE2 preparation with continuous online support until you pass your exam. Boost your confidence and alleviate your stress.


We offer guided support for our ORE & LDS students BEFORE, DURING and AFTER attending their ORE course sessions.

All our instructors are professional dentists with years of experience teaching ORE and LDS courses in the United Kingdom.


Course details:

Day 1 

Dental treatment planning: runs from 9:00am – 6:00pm

  • Pain cases
  • Periodontal disease
  • Relevant actor OSCE’s

Covers all sections of DTP : (History taking/ Investigations/ X-ray report/ Presentation)

Day 2

Dental treatment planning runs from 9:00am – 6:00pm

  • Restorative dentistry
  • Dentures
  • Relevant actor OSCE’s

All sections of DTP covered including: (History taking/ Investigations/ X-ray report/ Presentation)

Day 3

Dental treatment planning runs from 9:00am – 1:00pm

  • Tooth Surface loss
  • Oral Medicine
  • Relevant actor OSCE’s

Medical Emergencies: 2:00pm – 6:00pm

(BLS/ All Possible Medical Emergencies: (Asthma/ Anaphylaxis/ Adrenocortical insufficiency/ Angina/ Myocardial infarction/ Epilepsy/ Stroke/ Choking/ Hypoglycemia/ Vasovagal syncope/ Bleeding/ Needlestick injury)

Including training on all available equipment (BLS/ Oxygen cylinder/ Face mask/ Spacer/ Oropharyngeal airway/ Intramuscular injection/Epipen/Anapen)

Day 4

OSCE’s run from 9:00am – 6:00pm and cover:

I. In-depth discussion of ALL skilled OSCE’s

II. In-depth discussion of all written OSCE’s

Day 5 

Actor OSCE’s run from 9:00am – 6:00pm

Course times: 9:00am – 6:00pm

Lunch and refreshments will be provided

Course materials will be provided at each session.

*Courses are non-refundable

Course location: Westbury House, 23-25 Bridge Street, Pinner HA5 3HR


Hi Guys. I recently passed my ORE part 2 exam. I just wanted to give some feedback about Dr. Ebtisam’s courses. I honestly could not have cleared my exam without her continuous support.  I did my DTP, OSCES and ME from Ebtisam.  I have to say she is one of the most genuinely nice ppl I have ever met, she really knows her stuff and most of all she knows how to make you understand all the components and learn them. She goes in depth about everything and actually makes you understand the concept behind everything so that it actually stays in your head.  She is always available to help you out in every way possible, whenever I was confused about anything, I could always contact her on her phone, text or whatever and she would always clear my confusions. Thee best thing was that once you have attended her course, you can go to her on the days that she is holding her session in the specified hours and revise your skilled OSCES and ME etc without any additional charges. I think I went to her about 6 to 8 times for revision of my osces and ME till they were on my finger tips.  And lastly I would really recommend her mock session as well, she had already improved my DTP in the earlier courses but in the mock session, she really refined my presentation and history taking and everything. I was finally a bit confident about the exam after attending her mock exam.   So in a nutshell, I would say EA Dental is the only place one should go for DTP, ME And OSCES, so please don’t waste your time on any other courses.

Jaweria_Aslam ORE student testimonialJaweria Aslam

Hi all, I just wanted to write a quick feedback on Ebtisam’s ORE part 2 course. I recently took a 4 days comprehensive DTP, OSCE and ME course. I must admit Ibtisam is a brilliant teacher. Her way of teaching is simple and straightforward. The course has been very helpful as it has given me an overview of the exam and its syllables. Of course, she covers everything that is important and also points your weak points very realistically so that you can work on to make yourself better. Even after the course, she keeps constant interaction with her students which I find very motivating. If anyone is looking for the guidance for part 2, I highly recommend her course. Thanks

Shikha_Shrestha‎ ORE student reviewShikha Shrestha

Hi everyone, I just finished with Dr. Ebtisam blockbuster 4 Day-Comprehensive Course( DTP, ME and OSCEs) and it was a marvelous, extraordinary and outstanding course. The course that has got all you need for ORE part2. Dr. Ebtisam ElHamalawy is an amazing hard working and so friendly teacher who will give you every single information you need with passion and dedication. Every single day of this course was about non-stop 11 hours to cover all the syllabus. Even after the course, she will be in contact with you throughout your journey. She is always there when you need any help or you’ve got any question and she is always motivating her students. Do not waste your time and money in other courses because this one is all that you need definitely.

Dr_Hitch_Salah ORE student reviewDr. Hitch Salah