LDS Part 3


Dental manikin and Skilled osces following the new RCS format

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LDS Part 2



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ORE1 – LDS1 (Online Study)


Welcome to your EA Dental ORE1- LDS1 Course (18 Months Access from Enrollment) You can now access your ORE1-LDS part one course notes and mock exams which covers basic science and clinical dental subjects for a period of 18 months from the date of purchase & enrollment. Its vital that you thoroughly cover the all the study materials prior to commencing your (Online / In-person) sessions.We developed our course dental curriculum which is mapped to the learning outcomes published by the General Dental Council (GDC)  Preparing for Practice document Your dental curriculum is divided into two sections:Paper A Covers clinically applied dental [...]

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ORE Part 2 (Online Platform Only – accessible for 18 months from enrollment)


There are four components to Part 2 of the ORE:  An operative test on a dental manikin (DM) Candidates are required to perform three procedures over a period of three hours. These procedures primarily involve the preparation and restoration of teeth, but may also include other procedures where appropriate simulation can allow assessment of operative skills.  DM guidance is available on the exam centre's website here.  An objective structured clinical examination (OSCE) This is where candidates visit a series of ‘stations’ which test their clinical skills. These may include history-taking and assessment, communication skills (such as an explanation of problems and treatment [...]

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Mock Exams for ORE 1, LDS 1 & MJDF


Dear Student Congratulations on joining our MOCK EXAM subscription, you can now access a total of four mock exams each entailing 200 MCQ and EMQ questions, and all accessible for 18 months from the time of enrollment.The questions will help you prepare for all three theoretical exams: Overseas Registration Exam (ORE)- License of Dental Surgery (LDS) - Membership of the Joint Dental Faculties (MJDF)Best of luck EA Dental Team FAQ?What's the difference between LDS- ORE - MJDF ?Read below for more information regarding ORE- LDS- MJDF exam A) ORE Part 1 The Exam​: Part 1 is designed to test candidates' application [...]

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